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A book co-authored with AI received a prestigious award

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Wired magazine recently released Article about the fact that Amazon is literally flooded with books generated by AI (we are not talking about prose works, but about fakes imitating non-fiction). The debate over the use of artificial intelligence flared up with renewed vigor when became known, that the Japanese writer Rie Kudan, who received one of the country's most prestigious literary awards last week, used ChatGPT in her work.

At the press conference, she confirmed that about 5% of her book Tokyo Tower of Empathy, which the panel called “virtually flawless,” was generated by AI. “I plan to continue using artificial intelligence in writing my novels while expressing my creativity,” said the 33-year-old writer, who won the Akutagawa Prize for best debut. The novel tells the story of an architect tasked with building a comfortable multi-story prison in Tokyo where lawbreakers are rehabilitated, and the role AI plays in this. Kudan said she turned to ChatGPT about problems in her life that she felt she couldn't tell anyone about. “When the AI ​​didn’t say what I expected, I reflected my feelings in the main character’s remarks.”

Writer and prize committee member Keiichiro Hirano wrote on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter, that the selection committee did not see a problem with Kudan's use of artificial intelligence. Some social media users expressed interest in such co-authorship and said that they would now definitely read the book. Other others called it disrespectful to other authors who wrote without the help of this technology.


Source: Telegram channel “Cult Tech”