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Florida Governor Signs Law Ending Squatters' Rights

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Ron DeSantis signed HB 621 into law, which he said will "end squatter scams" in Florida. Under the new law, a landlord who discovers a squatter has moved into his vacant property can contact the police, who now have the power to immediately evict the squatter if he is not a current or former tenant as part of a legal dispute. HB 621 also makes it a crime of the 1st degree to make a false statement in order to obtain real estate or to provide a falsified document conveying title to real estate. A person who unlawfully enters a dwelling and causes damage of at least $1 will be charged with a crime of the 000nd degree. Those caught selling or leasing real estate without the authority to do so will be charged with a 2st degree felony.

Author: Maxim Gorkalov