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In the southern states, 400 thousand people were left without power due to a severe storm.

Oops!...I Did It Again: there is another winter storm in the southern part of the United States, due to which about 400 thousand people were left without power. The largest outages were in one of the largest cities in Texas, Austin, where the power was turned off in about 30% of homes. Tens of thousands more homes lost power (and sometimes heat) in Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. In addition, about 10 people died in the southern states (7 of them in Texas), and more than 800 flights were canceled. True, in terms of its consequences this is much less than during a similar storm two years ago, when about 200 people became victims. Then the Texas energy system essentially collapsed, and the authorities couldn’t come up with anything better than blaming frozen wind turbines for everything. Then I even had to write a separate text saying that it was far from a matter of windmills.

Well, while the south freezes a little and copes with the consequences of the storm, a new Arctic front from Canada goes first to the Great Plains and the Midwest, and then to the northeastern United States, to New England. Forecasters predict it could be one of the coldest in decades, with wind speeds reaching 100 mph (160 km/h), temperatures in Boston dropping to -30 degrees Celsius, and parts of Maine even as low as -50 degrees.


Author: Yan Veselov