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For the first time in 5 years, new trains appeared in the New York subway

New Yorkers were surprised when they saw the new A Line train in Queens. The last time the park in the city metro was updated was more than 5 years ago. The MTA has ordered 535 new R211a trains. The first few trains are already running around the metropolis. Some carriages are equipped with folding steps, which will allow wheelchair users to use the metro more comfortably. The new trains cost the state budget $6 billion. As noted by the metro, there is now 10% more space in the cars. And due to the wide doors, passengers will be able to get out and board the car faster. For security purposes, surveillance cameras are installed on trains. 

Let me remind you that last week the pompous opening of the new Long Island Rail Road terminal at Grand Central Terminal turned out to be a complete failure. As it turned out, the residents did not receive any convenience. Starting March 13, some trains will return to Penn Station. 


Author: Denis Cheredov