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FBI Blames China for Covid-19

The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation believes that Covid originated from a leak from a Chinese laboratory. Christopher Ray suspects the Chinese government of creating a special laboratory where the virus was created. According to the head of the FBI, China is doing everything to confront the United States and other countries in investigating the origin of the virus. Experts inside the Bureau are worried that other types of the virus could have fallen into the hands of not only the Chinese government, but also terrorists. This could lead to a threat to entire countries and nations. The US Department of Energy made a similar statement. Experts prepared a closed report, which the WSJ was able to study. According to outside experts, the report does not meet high requirements for reliability. Let me remind you that 4 previous federal agencies supported the natural emergence of the virus, and 2 refrained in their judgment. The Department of Energy insists that Covid is man-made as a result of a leak.

From the outside it is difficult to judge how true this version is. Both sides of the origins of Covid provide arguments to defend their versions. It is difficult to judge to what extent the statements of the FBI and the Department of Energy are real and not politicized. And China is not helping in this matter, interfering with the WHO investigation. Given the creation of the Committee to Investigate Chinese Influence in the House of Representatives, there is clearly more politics than a desire to get to the bottom of the truth. Even during the presidency of Donald Trump, a tradition was established to call Covid-19 the “Chinese virus” and even kung-flu (a play on words from “kung fu” and “flue” - flu). 

Following statements from the FBI and the Department of Energy, the Alaska senator proposed investigating the origins of the virus and holding congressional hearings.


Author: Pavel Dubravsky