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Stanford Law School students insult Judge Duncan

Conservative judge Kyle Duncan of the most conservative federal district court in the United States decided to speak to students at Stanford University School of Law. Judge Duncan is a well-known conservative lawyer in the United States, who, even before starting his judicial career, defended the interests of opponents of abortion and derogatory remarks about the Supreme Court's recognition of the right to same-sex marriage, and as a judge became widely known in particular for refusing to use pronunciation in one of the cases transpersonal parties. Obviously, during the event, the judge's views on life clashed with the views of the students. However, there was no constructive discussion: the event turned into chaos. The students shouted insults, and the judge pretended not to understand some sensitive issues. After the judge called the University administration for help, Tirien Steinbach - Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - took the side of the students, explaining that the judge, with his decisions, deprives the younger generation of their rights, and students also have the right to freedom of speech, even if these words are harmful. As a result, the event ended in a scandal, and when leaving, the judge called one of the students a “terrible idiot.” 

Interestingly, some conservative lawyers are calling for the expulsion of offending students from the university, banning them from working in the courts, or requiring law firms not to hire offending students (that is, they are calling for the same approach to be applied to students). After the scandal was mentioned in the news, the School of Law issued a written apology to the judge, pointing out that freedom of speech is the most important principle of the school, which was violated by the students' behavior. The school also stated that the employee failed in her duties and, instead of enforcing the school's free speech policies, intervened inappropriately.


Author: Igor Slabykh