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Olaplex products may cause hair loss

Send Olaplex shampoos and conditioners as gifts to your dearest enemies before they go out of production. They cause hair loss and harm the scalp, according to a class action lawsuit filed in California. The victims claim that after two months of using the entire line of Olaplex products, they lost about 20 percent of their hair, and the remaining hair became brittle and dry, some even developed noticeable bald spots, and others developed dermatitis. According to the plaintiffs and their dermatologists, the culprit is the ingredients contained in Olaplex - lilial and panthenol. They can lead to hair loss, flaking of the scalp and even blisters. Last year, the European Union banned the use of lilial in cosmetics (it was added as a fragrance) due to possible negative effects on fertility. The Olaplex company claims that it has removed the dangerous ingredient from its composition, but has not recalled hundreds of thousands of bottles of products from the market - they are still sold in beauty salons and stores. The victims are demanding $75 in compensation from Olaplex. The Olaplex brand defends itself by presenting 115 thousand positive reviews from satisfied customers on Amazon, revealing the results of clinical trials confirming the safety of the products, and blaming COVID-19 for baldness. It’s interesting how the trial will end, but in the beauty industry, Olaplex’s reputation is tarnished - all over the world, women are removing miracle shampoos from the shelves out of harm’s way and asking colorists not to use the restorative miracle treatment when coloring their hair. 

By the way, at one time I myself actively used these products, but I didn’t go bald - I noticed in time that my hair had become dry and threw it in the trash. Now I use K18 leave-in conditioner with peptides and am happy. 


Author: Yunia Pugacheva